Palomar Products is a global leader in highly reliable secure intercommunications systems for airborne and naval military applications to the world’s armed forces.  This includes switching and crew-position units for airborne, shipboard, unmanned, and ground applications for multi-mission platforms.  Our systems operate in over 250 unique aircraft and 9 classes of naval warships around the globe.


  • Secure Communication System 1.0 – The ultra-high channel-to-channel isolation allows management of multi-level secure communication assets and crew stations.
  • Secure Communication System 2.0 – The system is based on Palomar’s field-proven TDM digital switching technology used in air traffic control and custom telephony applications.
  • Secure Communication System 3.0 – The SCS 3.0 Secure Communication System features an advanced set of modular building blocks that meet the most stringent military requirements of 21st-century information-based warfare.